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Last updated: January 18, 2021

Like most sites on the internet, TrackMy.TV uses cookies, these are small text files that sit on your computer to assist with the working of the site.

On this site we use cookies to maintain your current session, this is done using an encrypted one time unique code, when you do not interact with the service for 2 hours the cookie will expire and be deleted.

If you checked the “Remember Me” option when logging in, another cookie will be placed on your computer. This cookie will last much longer, up to 5 year, you can delete this cookie before then, one way is to clear your browser's cache, just remember this will mean you need to login again on your next visit.

Various other cookies may also be used to assist with security and functionality.

You are of course welcome to disable cookies on this site, the best way is to consult your browsers documentation or help. Note however, this may have a negative impact on your experience using this service, for example, you will not be able to login and use features that require an account.

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